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Our acrobatic dance program is so popular here at BDC it gives the dancers a chance to learn acrobatic tricks that they can include safely in their dance. Is is not to be compared to gymnastics and we do not encourage our dancers to train in both as they have very different techniques.


Though the two share similar skill sets, gymnastics and acrobatic dance (or acro for short) are very different in how the subject trains, executes the material and the overall "look" of a performance.  In terms of training, gymnasts work on a spring floor that is designed with actual coils embedded in the mat for optimal rebound and protection during hard-hitting tumbling passes.


Acro dance is designed as a supplement to dance training and is usually taught in a dance studio with matts to support learning the techniques for hard floor. The focus in both acro and gymnastics is strength, balance and flexibility but the difference in execution lies in the transition of movement. For many the difference is described as "Gymnastics is a sport and Acrobatics is an art".  For dancers, acro is great for adding versatility to your training. Not only will you develop the skills to perform moves like aerials and back handsprings but it will improve your ability to leap and turn in your technique classes as well. 

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