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Ballet is a graceful and structured dance form which also provides the basic foundation for many other kinds of dance. It improves posture, develops poise and coordination and the refined quality and control of the body achieved through the discipline of ballet technique. Expressive quality of movement is achieved as well as body toning and muscle development and above all enjoyment. We are so proud to be able to offer the CSTD (commonwealth society teachers dance) syllabus here at BDC the only studio currently in the UK to offer this.


The syllabus is challenging and exciting and really keeps the dancers motivated and ambitious. We have sister schools in the Philippines, China and Malaysia which ensures that we are always exploring new techniques and methods and our teachers and students are forever being educated in not only technique but discipline, etiquette and culture. Our classical ballet program starts from age 2 and we offer an education in classical ballet up to a full teaching diploma. We hold examinations once a year that are not compulsory. The classes are led by teacher  Shanna Dawes.

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