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with The Big Dance Company

Competing is not a focus for us here at the Big Dance Company but something that we encourage with our students for a number of reasons. Sportsmanship is an important quality for our students to learn, not just about how it feels to work hard and succeed but also to work hard and not get the result you hoped for.


The feeling of “losing” is a tough emotion to bare and is an important lesson for young people to learn and understand. We teach our students that what counts is that you have tried our best and that is winning. That you have worked as hard as you can and feel proud of yourself for your own progressions, that there is the competition (yourself). We have champions here at BDC and we have dancers that are still competing after many years and not having made a final but still love the thrill of the preparation of a competition, the adrenaline of walking onto the floor and saying THIS IS ME, the enjoyment of spending the day sometimes weekends with your best friends doing what you love and seeing the world, the life skills they learn from eating on the road in a hurry, still smiling and working hard when you are tired after traveling for hours, being independant and making decisions on your own when away from parental guidance.

Our dancers compete worldwide and compete in Hip Hop, Breakdance, Lyrical, Ballet, Jazz, Musical theatre as groups and solos and duos.

OUr competition class is held on Wednesdays 6-7pm where they practice their choreographed routines. Please speak to one of our team to get your child competing with us.

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