The Big Dance Company have just returned from Encore dance championships with yet another record number of wins! The competition attracts dancers from UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with the competition getting hotter every year. The company took 50 dancers to Brean sands where judges Mini Willets, Dharmz, Swoosh, Tjasa Zibert, Christabelle Field,  marked dancers for creativity, technique, presentation, formations, spacing, execution and our cornish diamonds ticked those boxes !!! 


Making their Debut performance the BDC minis aged only 6-8 years old competed in Lyrical , commercial and Jazz category and were awarded 1st place in every category and were also awarded TOP overall scoring group in the under 8s section for the whole weekend !! The minis love to dance and you can find them most nights at the Big Dance Company training hard in Ballet, Jazz , Contemporary, Acrobatics and Street dance. It’s the first time the studio have presented a minis technical company and many of the judges at the event said they were very impressed with their technique and stage confidence at such a young age. The kids were so excited and it was so amazing to see them so happy and awarded for their hard work. 


Then followed by their bigger sisters and brothers with Animate aged 10-15 winning the top scoring group of the weekend with their Winning contemporary routine Don’t Listen and then Winning the over 16 section South West Movement aged between 14 - 22 advanced contemporary You Lost me that also won top overall scoring group of the weekend. 


There was a Judges choice scholarship prize for an intensive with Runaway house a 6 week intensive professional dance program offered by founder Mini Willets and this was awarded to the Big Dance company student Luca Rainbow aged 15. 


The Big Dance Company do not attend to many competitions as their focus is mentoring young people to be ready for the world whether they chose to be professional dancers of successful adults. The competitions are a great part of this training as triumph and defeat go hand in hand in life skills and building character and all of our young people did an amazing job trophy or no trophy they all worked so hard and represented Cornwall at a very high level of etiquette and professionalism. 


Next year is our 20 year anniversary and we have some very special things planned ! if you would like to be part of this we welcome all dancers ages and abilities to join us in 2020 for our special anniversary show ! just pop on our website and let us know you would like to join the family www.bdc.me.uk or phone 01736 333 444.

Here are our amazing results for the weekend.




Under 8 

1st Skye Hollow and Ellie Mountain 

2nd Rio Richardson and Annie Mae Fearn 

3rd Mia Gendall and Bibi Clemens


Under 16 

4th Lila Woolcock and Ava Moran 


Over 16 

2nd Jago Mottart and Charley Williamson

3rd Tiffanie Linzell and Chloe Pym

5th Megan Barkham and Esha Dawson 




Under 8

1st Annie Mae Fearn and Rio Richardson 

2nd Skye Hollow and Ellie Mountain 

3rd Bibi Clemens and Mia Gendall 


Under 12 

4th Mareme Diop and Joby Breslaw 

6th Holly Mountain and Imogen Summers 


Under 16 

1st Theo Dowker and Emily Osborne 

5th Esha Dawson and Carly White 


Over 16 

1st Jago Mottart and Luca Rainbow 

5th Megan Barkham and Millie Mead 


Musical Theatre Duos 


Under 8 

1st Rio Richardson and Annie mae Fearn

2nd Jenny Brand and Nyla Micheal 


Under 16

2nd Theo Dowker and Emily Osborne 


Over 16 

1st Jago Mottart and Esha Dawson 

5th Luca Rainbow and Megan Barkham 


Musical Theatre 

Under 12 - 

1st - We go together - Genesis 

Under 16 

2nd Good Morning Animate 

Over 16 

2nd She made me do it SWM



Under 8  

1st Never Enough BDC MInis 

Under 12 

3rd Broken and Beautiful Genesis 

Under 16 

1st Dont Listen - Animate 

Over 16  

1st You lost me - SWM 



Under 8 

1st - BDC Minis 



Under 8 

1st - Take me back - BDC Minis 


Under 12 

2nd - When I grow up - Rise 


Over 16 

3rd - Spell on you - Empire 



Over 16 

1st -  Sorry - SWM 


Under 8 top overall scoring group 

Winners BDC Minis - Never enough


Under 16 overall scoring group 

Winners Animate - Don’t Listen 


Over 16 overall scoring group 

Winners SWM - You lost me 


Judges choice for the weekend 

Luca Rainbow 

Winning scholarship for intensive training at runaway house in London 

Thank you to all of our dedicated team and parents and dancers we love you.