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We have trained many incredible teachers, and teaching assistants through BDC. It all starts as a classroom assistant. Here is where you learn discipline, work ethic, etiquette, organisation skills, communication skills, World culture, phycology, tricks of the trade, empathy, confidence and ambition. 


Our previous demonstrators/assistants and now professionals/ teachers have most recently included (to name a few) Shanna Dawes, Kyle Richardson, Megan Barkham, Millie Mead, Esha Dawson, Luca Rainbow, Maizie Jenkin, Charley Williamson, Rebecca Luke, Jago Mottart, Jack Walker, Jen Haley, Becci Gowers, Ella Gilling, Cattran Dugdale, Nick Green, Nicola Ladner, Charlotte Smith, Clare Brighton, Charlotte Gilling, Sarah Pearce Mariner, Sophie Walke. The list could continue but you can see that this experience will help you in all aspects of your life whatever professional path you choose. 

Assistants have gained experience in some of these projects to name but a few: Move it convention, acrobatic arts training, assisting Fiona internationally in the Philippines , Malaysia, South Africa, China. Assisting on projects such as IAM mental health project, films, music videos, events. 

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