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South West Movement 

My name is Lila Woolcock and I am 13 years old. I dance at the big dance company in Penzance, Cornwall, we have recently received some really bad news that we could possibly loose our dance studio. I am an ambassador for The Big Dance Company and we are all trying to fundraise to save our studio. Today I measured the circumference of the St Just Cricket field. I worked out the distance in metres which means i will have to do 33 laps of the field. The big dance company have been there in Penzance for 20 years and this year we were going to have a massive celebration but unfortunately we can't due to covid 19. This dance studio means so much to every single one of us and there aren't even words to describe how upsetting it would be to loose this studio.

The Big Dance Company is very supportive of everyone and are always doing extra to help people out, therefore here is some community work that we have done: Domestic violence awareness with Devon and Cornwall Police, 

Hate crime awareness with Devon and Cornwall Police, 

Anti-Bullying campaigns nationally funded by the Home Office, 

Anti-Knife crime campaigns, 

ASB national workshops, 

Local scholarships for underprivileged children, 

Mental Health awareness in association with UDOIT foundation, 

International outreach in South Africa, 

International outreach in the inhabited landfill sites of Asia, 

Local Action For Children 

Bereaved families support

Chelsea children's hospital visits and performances. The big dance company has given us lots of extraordinary opportunities as you can tell, we have also been able to travel to: Los Angeles, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines, China, South Africa, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Korea, Bolivia and Italy. I have been through some tough times as my dad passed away 3 years ago and The Big Dance Company was so supportive and were there for me when I needed them the most. I hope you can see that loosing the studio woudl be devastating for me personally and the community of penzance.

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