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Thomas,Natasha Keren, Emma Jones, Sophie Brand, Lesley-Anne Mead, Jane, Michael Murray, Mia Gendall, Leanne Holbrough, Nathan Starkey, Josh Baler, Irene + Harry Pennington, Ben Thompson, Jennifer Seaston, Debbie Hunter, Susan Starkey, Lukas McFarlane, Nathan Bray, Anja Kadoic, Sally Wakeman, Clara Cowen, Sinéad O'Donnell, Christopher Davis, Jake gibson, Andrea Britton, Sarah Hincks, Steve and Catherina Oxford Pope, barbara Regan, Natasha Abercrombie,Cate Manby, Becky Rainbow, Nicola Hartley, Katherine Caddy,Martine Hamilton, philip bray, Debbie Hunter, Barry Chadwick, Nyla Michael, Rory Ranson, Clare Strong, Zoe Regan, Sarah Hinks, Mary McArthur, Kate Ashbarry, John Cox, Angie Smith, Summer Zhou, Halili Cruz Ballet, Julia, Charlotte Smith, Alan Caddy, Sally Trevithick, Stephanie Matthews, Paul Thirlby, katie cornish, Sophie Brand, Janet Vowles, Jordan Searle, Stephanie Matthews, David Smaling, Catherine page, Stacey, Sam Newborn, Martine Hamilton, Jeremy Stephens, Helen Thirlby, Priscilla Osborne, Rachel Williams, Helen Kimmerling, Andrea Stephens, Lisa McNally , Emma Jones, Barry Chadwick, Simon Williams, Catherine Bassett, Clare Keswick, Becci Gowers, Lesley-Anne Mead, Frances Robinson, Orson Cornick, Adele Stevens, John and Sue Moon, Ryan Eddy, Priscilla Osborne, Rory Ranson, Tamsin Chatfield, Martin Sinclair, Sharon Clarke, Lydia Knight Hudson, Tracey North , Matt Scott Rogers, Susan Clarke, Tamsyn Jose, Natasha diop, Shanna Dawes, KT80, Kate Ashbarry, Frances Rossiter, Annie McQuitty, Marissa Boulter, Craig R Brown, Lukas McFarlane, Collide dance, Sophie Brand, Francesca Stella, meredydd nicholas, Kate Burford, Emily Osborne, Apple crumble, Vashna, Andrea McTaggart, Shaun Kavanagh, Ally Berridge, Kate Salisbury, Rachel Younger, 


Becci Gowers , Lee Dunn, Libby Pentreath, Karli yoga, Rachel Williams, Katie Richardson, 

Catriona Tindal, Angela Matthews, Stephanie Beaufort, Jacky Gill, Nina Hayward,Alan & Kathy Caddy, Alva Katrina Davey, Becky Rainbow, Dan Rainbow, Robbie Pitt, Rose Cambeull, Frances Robinson , Kari Herbert pledged,Helen Thirlby , Colin Curbishley ,Chloe Michael ,Janet Hocking , Edward Ryan,Helen Coates, Cassie Brewer ,Ginny Birney , Frankie White, Sam pledged, Louise-Littlejohns ,Kerenza Semmens, Karen Roberts, Amy Finch , Susan Mountain , Jago Mottart , Carol Everitt , Sarah Hincks, Imogen Furse, Mikaela Bennett, Andrew Regan , Nathaniel turner , Wai Ching Ng , Kelly Osborne, Jane Whicheloe, Keelyn Syms, Sue Rushforth, Roxiee Naraine, Andrea McTaggart, L Needham, Allyssa Millar, Patricia Calfe, Liz Howell, Livvy Woolcock, Marie Healey, Matt and Steph Crawford, Janet Vowles, Joanna Dilley,Vanessa Feledyn, John Watson, Michael Baker,Gemma Milsom, Francis Moran, Carrie Waits, Adam Floyd, Maria Mandak, Phil Taylor, Sally-Ann

Some of your beautiful messages of support 

Liz Howell 29th October 2020

Back in 2016 I invited you to dance as part of a festival for Tate St Ives and have never experienced such professionalism from young dancers... you are amazing at what you do and you can't lose this space!!


Edward James Saulter 29th October 2020

Wonderful opportunity for so many young people


Allyssa Millar 29th October 2020

Sending love and support to the Big Dance Company!


Roxiee Naraine 29th October 2020

Im happy to keep sharing your post and I was able to donate a little to such a good cause. Good luck guys.


Sue Rushforth 29th October 2020

Hope you get all the support you need to remain in the Methodist Hall


Keelyn Syms 28th October 2020

Such a beautiful studio, and amazing people! I really hope that everything works out and you’ll be in my prayers❤️


Jane Whicheloe 28th October 2020

Friend of Becky Rainbow (senior!) .. good luck ..


Kelly Osborne 28th October 2020

It’s not a lot but hopefully it will help. We can do this❤️❤️🙏💪


Wai Ching Ng 28th October 2020

Good luck guys.... #KindnessMatters


Nathaniel turner 28th October 2020

BDC you got this.Fiona you are the epitome of kindness and I am very glad that our path met!


ANDREW REGAN 28th October 2020

Love what The Big Dance Company is doing for Cornish youngsters & the community as a whole. Good luck guys...hope you smash this Crowd Funder 🤟 Cheers 'n beers!! Andy


ANDREW REGAN 28th October 2020

Love what The Big Dance Company is doing for Cornish youngsters & the community as a whole. Good luck guys...hope you smash this Crowd Funder 🤟


Mikaela Bennett 27th October 2020

Wishing you all the best with this. Hope it all works out for everybody. Love Mikaela and Lucy


Imogen Furse 27th October 2020

Please help to save our studio


Carol Everitt 27th October 2020

Always happy to support such a worthwhile cause .. Fiona Ben and Kyle you are amazing .. good luck xxx


Susan Mountain 27th October 2020

This is really good cause which gives children a purpose, and helps to make them better adults. I do hope the money is raised to keep The Big Dance Company going


Sam 27th October 2020

Hope this helps out a little :)


Frankie White 27th October 2020

Lots of love x


Ginny Birney 27th October 2020

Good luck Fiona and Ben. Lots of Love Ginny and family in Nottingham x

Helen Coates 27th October 2020

Best of luck to you and yours Ben! From the Coates family xxx

Edward Ryan 27th October 2020

Hey Ben and Fiona, John told me about this. Hope you reach your target and hope you're doing well Best Ed

Colin Curbishley 26th October 2020

Hi BDC...fully behind your mission to create community wellbeing through creativity and freedom of expression. I speak as the father of one of your students and a member of Shallal a Cornish Arts Charity who share your vision and want to share the space on Chapel Street when you are the owners...May all go well 💃👩‍🦽🕺💚


Helen Thirlby 26th October 2020

Thank you for all you’ve done. X x x x

Frances Robinson 26th October 2020

So many talented kids have walked through those doors over the years...Fiona and the team put their hearts and souls into every venture whether it be competing,performing or charity events and the love and passion for dance shines through every time those kids step onto a stage or dance floor..It would be a crying shame if it was all taken from them,and in these uncertain times the young ones are missing out on so many of the fun things in life,please don,t let them lose their dancing as well..Let’s keep BDC up and running for another 20 years.

Jessica Pickles 26th October 2020

It’s hard to express just how valuable and important the Big Dance Company is to the youngsters of Penzance. It offers so much, and contributes to health, opportunities, friendships and so much more.

Steve and Catherina Oxford Pope Good luck on your fund raising; your presence is important to Penzance as a city and for all the people living in it. More than ever in this time of lockdown and afterwards, the activities you offer to the community are essential in all aspects- health, social, and community awareness- especially for our young people. Thank you for everything you do!

Andrea Britton Will do all I can to help spread the word. GOOD LUCK!16/11/2020 at 13:38


Jake gibson  if anyone school deserves a long term home it's this one. We believe in you 🙏 Jake and SJ New Gen16/11/2020 

Sinéad O'DonnellI know how a dance school can be a place of safety and family. Best wishes x16/11/2020 

Sally Wakeman Good luck, I hope you achieve your goal. Dancing produces happy hormones...more people should dance x16/11/2020 at 

Anja KadoicIn hard times like these, us dancers should stick together! Everyone should be able to dance, no matter what, because to us, it is being able to live ❤️ I love your work and I wish I could do more. I support you with all my heart and have faith that you will make it through and save your home! Lots of love from Osijek ❤️❤️16/11/2020 

Nathan Bray The show must go on.... Hope to see you on the other side, much love! x16/11/2020 

Debbie HunterI am happy to support this valuable project. BDC inspire so many young people and we really want them to remain at the heart of our community in the beautiful BDC studios.16/11/2020 

Ben Thompson Sending all my love and support! I hope you guys reach the funding required. This is such an amazing dance school that gives so much to the community.

Irene + Harry Pennington Best wishes Mr + Mrs Pennington (Urmston,Manchester)

Leanne holbrough Hope our little contribution can help 😘16/11/2020 

Mia Gendall proud to support and be part of BDC!! Love from Mia xxx16/11/2020 

Michael Murray Hope you meet your target and are able to continue with your important work for the community.16/11/2020 at 13:38Hide 

Lesley-Anne Mead  Millie has had the most amazing time with BDC....not only dance, but learnt life skills, has travelled, found life long friendships...the list goes on. Millie continues to be a part of the BDC family & is now starting her dance teacher career! Thank you so much to Fiona, Ben & all teachers ❤️ I wish I could donate more to recognise everything you have done for Millie! Love LAM xx16/11/2020 at 13:38

Sophie Brand We can do this! Jenny would be lost without the studio and her dance family x

Emma JonesMy daughter has only recently started at BDC and I’d love to be able to continue nurturing her expressional theatrical dancing as long as she wishes, we have seen the incredible commitment, support and second home that Fiona and Ben provide their dancers and have our fingers crossed for the best possible outcome for the BDC building.

Natasha Keren orry it isn’t much, I’ll give more when I can! We’ll continue to support in time and love, which is what you give to our girls. Thank you ❤️. Please don’t put my name on Facebook, takes away from the act for me. Xxx16/11/2020 at 13:38Hide comment

Sally-Ann ThomasI know how much joy my nieces get from dancing with BDC and I am happy to help in which ever way I can. Good luck with the fundraising x1

Maria MandakBDC has been a part of our family for over ten years just for the annual summer school week - you’ve brought so much love and instilled confidence in all of your students. You are such an amazing dance school and so much more - sending all our love 💗 from the Mandak family

Carrie Waits Good luck BDC we hope you manage to save your beautiful dance school. My girls Elize and Maya love coming every year to your summer school. We hope there will be many more to come.

Michael BakerIt's fantastic to have this great community project right here in beautiful Chapel St, doing so much for the lives of Pz and local young people. I hope you raise enough to stay put and keep doing your excellent work !16/11/2020 

John WatsonGood luck guys x

Joanna Dilley Cole Dilley loved being part of your family while training there for Seeds 516/11/2020 

Janet Vowles BDC do so much for the youth of Penzance they deserve support - good luck with raising enough to buy your premises 🤞

Matt and Steph CrawfordBecause Penzance, Cornwall, England and the world needs the BIG spirit and heart that lives within this company. BIG dreams need seizing. These are the people, and this is the company and the venue to support those dreams- helping young people first and foremost thrive as people and secondly to become passionate, skillful dancers and performers. You can do it Fifi and Benji love from The Crawfords ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Liz Howell Back in 2016 I invited you to dance as part of a festival for Tate St Ives and have never experienced such professionalism from young dancers... you are amazing at what you do and you can't lose this space!!16/11/2020 


Edward James Saulter Wonderful opportunity for so many young people

Matt Scott RogersIf there’s one thing that makes Penzance a special place to live, it’s companies like BDC. We need you. Good luck!11

Laura WilsonThe world needs way more BDCs not less! Hope this edges you toward your target which you smash in no time! You’ve got this team! All our love xxx

Annie McQuittySending lots of love. Believing ❤️

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