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British 2019

The most amazing group of people we have in our school ! Being away with you all this weekend just makes you forget you are at a competition and feel like your on holiday with your friends !

You were all so supportive of the students and teachers and made this weekend so special ! Teachers we did it and I am so thankful for all of you and for all your do for our kids !

Every single dancer that went on the stage are champions ! Each holding a title of their own for their dance ethic , their work ethic , their sportsmanship and their love for dance trophy or no trophy you all went and you conquered ❤️❤️ Congratulations to our British under 16 intermediate champion Luca Rainbow, and to all finalists ! Kyle and Rio , Isobel Hunter , Luca Rainbow , Tiffanie Linzell , Lotte Davy, LIIly Pym, Ava Moran , Lubella luck , Charley Williamson and Lennox Pierce ! So many call backs and semi finals so so so proud ! Teams empire 2nd rise 5th and BDC Minis winners !!!!!! Tiff Lennox Luca and charley quad over 18 finals 4th !!! Amazing !!!

Thank you udo for making this weekend happen with all your obstacles 💪 our kids loved it !!! UDO UK

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