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Malaysia 2018

We have just returned from Malaysia at the Dance Academy Kuching at the 2018 VDS. I had the pleasure of choreographing two pieces for the showcase and for a professional event and took my students Millie Mead, Ava Moran, Ella Cole, Mia Cole, Abigail Williams and Rosie Laskey who all trained in Classical Ballet and Chinese Dance for the 10 days. The Academy are so welcoming and our dancers learnt so much about new techniques and the culture in Malaysia.

We have been visiting the Academy for 6 years now and it is amazing to return each year to see such progression in the dancers and also to see the progression in my dancers when we return. My visits to Malaysia teach me so much about being a teacher and opening my eyes to new disciplines and ways of etiquette etc.

We are so proud that at the end of the training some of our dancers received special awards.

Rosie Laskey and Mlilie Mead received a teachers choice award

Millie also received an Acrobatic award with a scholarship for next year.

Sophia Clarke aged 14 received a scholarship for Classical Ballet for her improvement and Abigail Williams aged 13 and Rosie Laskey aged 14 both received awards for their excellence in Chinese dance. Ava Moran aged 10 Received an excellence award for classical Ballet.

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