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The new normal


The Big Dance Company's very foundations were built on making a difference, helping others and changing lives through the medium of dance and with this next year or two being so uncertain, we must return to our roots and step off the industry treadmill which keeps us heading in one direction.


➢  Academic schools and colleges need to find their feet and new flow.

➢  Local businesses are lost and some are rebuilding.

➢  Charities are desperate and needing to work harder than ever.


Most importantly, our mental health has taken a bashing, put to the test and challenged more than ever on this journey that is far from over. Who are we? Have we lost our direction? Will there be another peak? Will there be another lockdown?  Now more than ever, our young people need time to get their power back and families need time to take charge of their lives and our community, time to rebuild.


The Big Dance Company has a duty to you and the community to do what we can to help, as what we do in these next few years is crucial to the future of what will become our new normal. We will spend the next year investing our time, money, love and energy into giving what will become our new normal, the foundations to last another 20 years.


Using the gift of dance, we want to not only support and raise awareness for local charities and help our local community, but to give our customers time and the tools to heal. By investing in our community and its young people, we can shift our moral principles to help develop new skills for our dancers:


➢  Communication skills (talking in public).

➢  Performance skills to all types of audiences.

➢  Compassion.

➢  Body language skills.

➢  Practical skills.

➢  Self-esteem and self-worth.

➢  Consistency.

➢  Leadership and management.


We will all learn to be less focused on personal issues, doubts and pressures from society and will become more aware of what is happening in our community and around the world and in doing so, will discover how to make a difference. Through selfless efforts, we will gain a sense of purpose and a wealth of experience. Kindness matters most now and we believe this is a huge part of becoming a successful and grounded adult.  Alongside the highest quality of dance training, quality performance opportunities and goal setting we will help dancers not just be amazing performers, technicians and artists, but great, honest and compassionate humans.





BDC will arm dancers not just with top quality dance training and education from our passionate in-house team and world famous guest teachers, but through local and worldwide outreach, cultural experiences and charity work. Raising awareness of current issues through the medium of dance, we can ensure that our dancers are not just physically ready for a professional dance career but also fully equipped with values, life skills and hands-on experience that will prepare them for any career path they may choose. 





Nothing else will be tolerated! Our garden will be frequently weeded to ensure our precious flowers continue to bloom. Treat each other with love and respect.



Together we will trust and respect each other for who we are. We will walk the same path and read from the same page.



We will all be given the same respect and love regardless of colour, age, size, gender, background or status.



To move forward we must all paddle in the same direction together and in harmony, or we will just go round in circles.



In a world where we need everything NOW, before we speak or act, please take your time and think: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?  Breathe and trust us and our process, we are all on the same team.



To our family, to our teachers, to our mentors, to our class mates and to our mistakes. Gratitude makes the world a better place, let us never forget this crucial ingredient to a happy life and successful career.



Little ears and eyes are always learning from their big sisters and brothers, what lessons will you be teaching the next generation?



Reliability and trust must be our foundations. Be your word. Trust that when we fall, we will be there to catch each other.



That is all we can ask of each other.

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