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We have 20 years experience in providing entertainment for corporate events, festivals, private parties and PR campaigns/events.

We can tailor a performance to suit your event/concept and promise a reliable service to suit the client, not our ego.

We have worked with clients such as Take That, Formula one Grand-Prix, Stella McCartney, Camelot, Audi, Body Shop, Orange Mobile, Alton Towers, Alesha Dixon, Snoop Dog and Mica B to name but a few. We have appeared on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Got To Dance, The One Show, Toonatticks, This Morning and Just Dance. (For further information please see our client list)

We are very passionate about ensuring that our performance sets are suitably tailored to the environment of the venue and nature of the event.


Our performers age range is sixteen years and above with our youngest member of our agency recently performing in a 3 month professional show in South Korea, and also one of our crew have just returned from performing a 3 month tour with Take That.

We offer entertainment for a wide range of events and have been booked previously for the following:

Corporate Events / Support Acts for concerts and Shows / Wedding Flash Mobs / Wedding Shows / Wedding First Dance Workshops / Hen Party Workshops / Barmitvah and Private Birthday Parties / Theme Park Performances / Holiday Park Performances / Dance Shows / International Festivals / School Anti-bullying Workshops / School Dream Building and Ambition Workshops / Private Dance Workshops / Police Force Anti Social Behaviour Workshops.

We have a varied set style ranging from strong concepts and movie themes to bespoke choreography tailored to your companies branding. Dance styles range from Hip Hop, Breakdance, Acrobatics, Ballet and Lyrical and Contemporary.

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