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Domestic Violence awareness.


Big Dance Company Cornwall Tour Saturday 26th November 


15 dancers, from the Big Dance Company in Cornwall, have devised a special dance theatre routine which highlights the effects of domestic violence on children.

The powerful mix of hip-hop and lyrical dance focuses on the issues of domestic abuse in the family and how it ‘Shatters Lives’.  The event starts with one dancer then builds up to 15  dancers who are joined by school children.  The children will be  wearing  jumpers  with the campaign message on and handing out information with help and support contact numbers for the Devon and Cornwall area.

Fiona Richardson, Artistic Director of the Big Dance Company, said: “We are really proud and honoured to be involved in this take action / save a life  campaign.  If we manage to help out just one person affected by domestic abuse then it’s worth going out on the road for.”

People are encouraged to take videos and photos of the dances,  which they can then post on social media to spread the message even further. 

The message for this year’s campaign, ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TAKES LIVES / TAKE ACTION / SAVE A LIFE  highlights the impact of abuse on victims as well as highlighting the impact on others surrounding that victim, including children and young people.

One in four women and one in six men experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, and an estimated 750,000 children witness domestic abuse within their home in the UK each year.

Even if children are not the target of abuse, they can suffer serious psychological damage as a result of witnessing such behaviour within their own home. Being around abusive relationships can be detrimental to a child’s early development. They may think violent or abusive behaviour is normal and behave in a similar way towards classmates, friends or siblings and they could have difficulty forming safe and healthy relationships later on in life. 


Choreography, performance day and rehearsal by the Big Dance company sponsored by Fiona Richardson

MiniBus and driver - Trelya providing the bus and Chris Kevern driving. @trelya_cornwall @chriskeverncreative

Jumpers worn by the dancers (part paid £100 by Sophie Davies England roofing contractors and andy home maintenance) 

Fuel sponsorship (paid Sarah Wilshaw by Willow and Stone) @willowandstone1

literature to hand out to the public (paid part £100 by Jessica Swann The town barber Falmouth @thetownbarberfalmouth and Andy Yeo -Andy’s home maintenance) 

Dancers 14 

Rio Richardson, Annie Mae Fearn, Bibi Clemens, Nyla Micheal, Skye Hollow,

Erin Thirlby, Ella Doyle, Lexi Franklin, Abigail Williams, Millie Mead, Sennen Kevern, Alainey Henderson, Lila Woolcock, Emily Osborne

Chaperone : Helen Thirlby & Fiona Richardson x 2 



0777 333 42 38


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