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Bloch Socks

BLOCHSOX™ dance socks are must have essentials for any serious dancer! These innovative dance socks have been designed to enhance dancer's precision, support and comfort.

BLOCHSOX™ aid stability in your turns, support in your jumps and perfection in your lines. Cutting-edge features include:

* Brake lines – two lines in the forefoot area behind the spin-spot and five lines on the heel, are strategically positioned to help a dancer stabilise pirouettes and control challenging dance moves, whilst still allowing the ease of gliding in the sock

* Spin-spot - designed to allow dancer’s to turn and glide smoothly, the spin-spot also features extra padding to protect dancer's bones

* Grip control lines – on the inside of the sock in the spin spot area, these specially engineered sticky fibres help hold the sock in place on the dancer's foot

* Double welt compression cuff – not only will the sock stay up on a dancer’s leg, it is designed with the right amount of stretch and compression for a natural fit

* Enhanced compression arch – supportive and designed to hug the dancer's foot, the compression arch shows off a dancer’s foot line

* Padded heel – extra padding has been added to the heel to protect dancer's bones.
BLOCHSOX™ have been engineered to hold their shape better than regular socks

Size Guide:

XS - UK: 1.5-3 - EU: 30-34
S - UK: 3.5-5 - EU: 34-38
M - UK: 5.5-7.5 - EU: 38-42
L - UK: 6.5-9.5 - EU: 42-46

Bloch Socks

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