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We are so proud of our students working hard at home, oh and yes there are challenges let's be real, dogs jumping on us, tripping on the cat or our siblings, kicking the table, crashing into doors, waking the neighbours and the list goes on. However there are so many reasons to be grateful, the most important being staying connected to something that makes us feel happy and gives us a focus and a purpose. Many people across the world are not as fortunate to stay connected to what they love and its so sad and we must remind ourselves how blessed we are. There are swimmers, horse riders, athletes, and the list goes on that can not be connected with their passion. We are so blessed to be able to continue doing what we love so much from the safety of our homes. We also get to learn from teachers we could never learn from before, we get to have more time at home to develop the movement and musicality without people watching, we also get to spend much of our day feeling alive feeling free and lost in a feeling of what only a dancer can describe as freedom and love for what we do. This new way of learning will help us grow and a new warrior will appear at the other end of this and there is another end of this, when we will all re group in our beautiful dance space breathing, laughing and smiling together.

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